Frequently asked questions

It depends on what you put into it. We recommend starting with a monthly service, then if you feel it requires cleaning more often that is fine. Send us an email at bookings@wheelyclean.co.nz – We will happily change your frequency for you

Generally, they do not get as dirty as your red lid rubbish bin, but milk, beer and other spillages never fair well. Also insects still like to call them home! But again, it depends on what you put in it

Although we hope to in future, we currently do not clean green or garden waste bins. We do however clean all general waste, recycle bins, food scrap bins and hazardous material wheelies.

The short is answer that we will do a better job and take that dirty task off your to do list. We use far less water and do not put contaminated water into the storm water system. We use non toxic, biodegradable cleaning products that are more effective and better for the environment. Our specialized machinery uses a high pressure system and allows us to provide a kerbside service in minutes. We come rain or shine and are a cost effective method of dealing with a dirty job that no one really wants to do

No. Our machine is fully self-contained which means we bring our own water with us and take any mess away with us too

Virtually all water used to cleans bins is recaptured within our Wheely Clean machine

We dispose of waste water as required by Hamilton City Council via a licensed trades waste contractor as it must not enter the storm water system or our waterways

You can find out more about what those requirements are in the Hamilton Trades Waste and Wastewater Bylaw 2016 here:  https://www.hamilton.govt.nz/…/trade…/Pages/default.aspx

You can find your bin collection day by searching your address on the Hamilton City Councils “Fight the landfill” website HERE

Yes – we are a professional company and hold public liability insurance and full motor vehicle insurance. 

As a random act of kindness, we’ll occasionally clean all of the wheelie bins in a particular area free of charge. If you wish to use our service, simply book online. You will not be charged for this first complementary bin cleaning. If you do not wish to use our service, please accept the free clean on us, and remember that the next time your bins needs cleaning, book in with “Wheely Clean”

Yes you can.  Everyone is able to place their services on hold for as long as they need to.  All we request is that you give us 7 days notice of your request to hold our services and that you let us know how long you need your services placed on hold. Email us at bookings@wheelyclean.co.nz

We are sorry to hear this! We can’t believe we missed you. Please email us at support@wheelyclean.co.nz and we will get this sorted for you

Absolutely. At Wheely Clean you come first! If you need to take a break from our services (whatever the reason) you can do so. All we request is that you give us 7 days notice

We’ve created a booking system with the busiest lifestyle in mind.  We value your time and have made it as simple and straight forward as possible with two easy steps

1. Choose an affordable service plan that suits your needs. Service plans and prices can be found here

2. Click on the “BOOK NOW” box and complete the booking form. Tip: You will need a valid debit/credit card to place a booking

Your bins are cleaned the day after they have been emptied so please leave them out overnight if they are scheduled to be cleaned

No. Because our machine is fully self-contained, we have everything we need to clean your bins kerbside. This also means that there is minimal disruption to your home or workplace, all we ask is that you leave your bin out overnight and empty until we clean them the following day!

You will need a debit/credit card to use our services

This payment is 100% secure using an SSL certificate and 256-bit encryption key. Your card details will be processed and held on file by our secure merchant processor, Stripe, not us. 

Your card will be charged within 24hours of your bin being cleaned

Sorry but no. The processing of invoices and payments reduces the amount of time we have to spend on cleaning your bins

We only accept bookings made with a visa or debit card

Yes, we will email you a friendly reminder 24 hours prior to your bins being cleaned

Please remember that your card will then be charged within 24hours of your bin being cleaned

If your card declines due to insufficient funds, our system will automatically reattempt payment daily at no extra cost to you

If your card declines for any other reason, we will contact you by phone to resolve it

Yes, if you would like. We call this the Bin Return service.

We charge $2 per bin or FREE for any person(s) registered with the Hamilton City Council’s rubbish and recycling assistance program

No matter what happens, we will always clean your bins the day after they are emptied. This includes when public holidays affect your bin collection day

There is nothing you need to do as this process is automatic.

Example: Your bin collection day is usually Monday but has been changed to Tuesday this week because of a public holiday

We will be there to clean your bins on the Wednesday of that week. Then resume to your normal bin cleaning schedule


No problems – we will simply carry your balance over to your new address. Let us know you’re moving by emailing us at bookings@wheelyclean.co.nz 

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